Premium Check-In (“The Service”) is an exclusive service provided by premium Check-In 2015 Ltd, to travelers flying from Ben-Gurion airport. The company’s customers will receive the service in an allocated service desk at the airport. The service includes security check, issuing boarding passes, passport checking, baggage labeling and weighing including full luggage handling service.

The service is available for the following airlines:
El-Al, Sun Dor, Arkia.
The service will not be provided to code shared flights.
The service will be provided for flights of the airlines listed above, as long as they depart from Terminal 3.
The service is currently unavailable for flights departing from Terminal 1.

Service reservation process and availability:
Reservation is available after purchasing your flight ticket and up to 72 hours prior to the flight’s departure date. The company will not provide the service in case of changes occurring during the 72 hours timeframe.

The company will have no liability for any of the details provided on the reservation form. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all the details declared on the form are accurate, and submitted up to 72 hours prior to departure. Should there be any inaccuracies in the details declared, the company may not be able to provide the service.

The service is provided to passengers departing from Terminal 3 only.
The service is subjected to restrictions and operational requirements.
The service will be provided by the company only after receiving final approval and full payment.

Customer service opening hours:
Sunday – Thursday 8:00 – 16:00
Friday / Holiday eves 8:00 – 12:00
You can also contact our team via our email address: service@premiumcheckin.co.il

Service scheduling:
The service scheduling will be up to 2 hours before the flight time and no later than that. A passenger who is late to arrive at the service desk, and has less than 2 hours to the flight, will not be able to receive the service.

The service desk is open 24 hours a day, Sunday through Thursday.
On Friday and Holiday eves, the service will be available for flights departing up to 2 hours before Sabbath / Holiday.
On Saturday eves, the service will be available for flights departing at least 4 hours after Sabbath / Holiday.
The service desk is closed between Friday eve (sunset time) and Saturday eve (sunset time).

Reservation procedure:
The reservation can be submitted digitally by an online form via our website or by contacting our call center. Submitting a reservation request, by any means, does not constitute a confirmation of the service.
The service is subjected to operation limitations and availability.

Special assistance:
The company is unable to provide the service for passengers who require special assistance as follows: unaccompanied children, passengers carrying arms and ammunition, passengers traveling with animals to be transported with the luggage, passengers on waiting lists, Passengers using motorized wheelchairs, passengers who require oxygen tanks, passengers in need of stretchers and / or passengers on a medical flight. Passengers who require special assistance at the airport as listed above, will be referred to the airline’s handling team for assistance and will not be supported by Premium Check-In service team.

Visas and passports:
Make sure your passport is valid at least 6 months beyond your period of stay abroad. The responsibility for the validity of the travel documents (passports and / or visas) applies to the passenger. A passenger who does not have a valid passport / visa upon arrival at the service desk, will not be able to receive the service and will be charged the cost of the service.

The service will be provided at a specific time slot coordinated in advance with the passenger, after reservation confirmation.
Should the passenger arrive after the scheduled time slot, for any reason, The company will not be obligated to provide the service at all.

The passenger should make sure that the quantity of the luggage items delivered to the service desk matches the reservation request form.
Passengers arriving at the service desk with luggage and / or items not previously declared to the company (up to 48 hours prior to the flight’s departure date) will not be able to send it, and will have to undergo a regular procedure for an outbound passenger at the airport.
In any additional luggage request, the passenger should inquire in the airline’s policy.
The passenger’s luggage tags will be issued by the company in accordance with the airline’s guidelines and baggage eligibility as indicated I the airline’s system.
Issuing additional luggage tags will not be possible during service delivery.

Cancelation policy:
Cancelation policy is subjected to any law:
Cancelation notice received up to 14 days before the flight is free of charge.
Cancelation notice received between 13 and 7 days prior to the flight will be charged 50% of the value of the transaction.
Cancelation notice received less than 7 days before to the flight will be charged 100% cancellation fee, and the customer will not be credited.